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Lifts & Leveling Services

We have installed thousands of lift and leveling kits at American Bedliners Custom Truck Shop. Our team of experienced truck technicians know your Jeep or truck. We’ve seen all of the different options available to achieve a simple clean leveled look or complete a massive lift.

With American Bedliners Custom Truck Shop welders and fabricators in the shop, you can get the custom Jeep or truck you have always wanted. We have the experience and the know-how to install even the most complex lifts on trucks both new and old. Come in today and speak with our truck experts. Don’t waste your time in online forums and working with backyard mechanics. We can tell you what works best, what will fit, and what options you have with your specific vehicle.

Benefits of Lift & Leveling Kits

Lifting and leveling kits can be difficult and dangerous to perform on your own. There are some great benefits though to having these added to your vehicle. Let the professionals at American Bedliners Custom Truck Shop help you with the installation. Our technicians have seen it all when it comes to this type of modification on your Jeep or truck.

Lifted Bronco truck
Lift Kits
  • Custom appearance
  • Ability to fit larger wheel and tire combinations and wheels with more aggressive offset (truck stance)
  • Higher ground clearance for off-roading
  • Greater articulation
Leveling Kits
  • Cleaner look than stock, as the truck will sit evenly
  • Allow for larger tire and wheel combinations
  • Higher ground clearance

American Bedliners Custom Truck Shop Uses the Top Manufacturers

American Bedliners Custom Truck Shop offers all the top names in the industry at competitive prices and we stand behind the great work we do. We have dedicated the shop to only carrying the best products in the industry to give you a sense of relief when you pull away from our garage. Here are some of the big names we work with when working on your Jeep or truck:

  • McGaughy’s Suspension
  • Fabtech
  • Rough Country
  • MaxTrac Suspension
  • Bulletproof Suspensions
  • Bilstein
  • Old Man Emu
  • Kelderman Air Suspension
  • Skyjacker
  • ReadyLift

Jacksonville’s Truck
Customization Experts