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Benefits of Installing Bed Covers

The experts at American Bedliners Custom Truck Shop suggest installing a bed cover for your truck to help protect your investment and get the most out of the truck. They are the perfect addition to help maximize the space of your bed when moving a friend or going on a trip.

Rain, snow, hail, ice, and other elements can easily damage your truck and its bed. After prolonged exposure to the elements, you can start to see holes form from rusting over time. Having American Bedliners Custom Truck Shop install a truck bed cover will protect it from these harsh conditions. This will increase the life of the bed. The UV rays from the sun can also cause damage by discoloring the bed and warping it if left untreated. Bed covers also help financially by lowering the air-drag when driving, saving you gas on the highway and longer drives. With a bed cover, you can lock and protect your valuables.

Truck bed cover

Quality Bed Covers for North Florida

When it comes to bed covers, American Bedliners Custom Truck Shop sells all the top brands because we focus on providing the best products available for North Florida. Our staff’s many years of experience give them the insight to know which bed covers stand the test of time, do not leak excessively, and have the best design. They can also assist in helping you pick the perfect material to offer protection and style. Truck bed covers are sprayed on to the metal bed or drilled into the metal.

Some of the manufacturers we sell include:

  • Truck Covers USA
  • Truxedo
  • Extang
  • Roll-n-lock

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